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In December 1996 the United Nations declared 21 November as World Television Day, commemorating the historic day on which the first World Television Event was held. The first world television event was the first ever World Conference on Television. The participants of the conference included the three main international television networks – UNESCO, the Broadcasting Corporation of America (BCA) and Al Jazeera. It is estimated that the world population spent approximately one billion dollars on World Television over the course of the events.

World television has reached all corners of the world and reaches audiences numbering in the millions. Television has played an integral role in breaking stories and helping to distribute information throughout the world. It has helped communities around the globe by offering a means to educate, entertain and inform people. Today, most people have access to the World Wide Web, where they can stay updated and informed about the latest in world television news and events. Many people spend a large amount of their time checking the various online social media websites, including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

What makes the World Television Day significant is its aim to highlight important issues around the world, in the hopes of inspiring change and action. On this day, participants of the World Conference on Television expressed their views on some of the most pressing world and cultural issues of the day. Participants included the heads of state or government of a number of countries, as well as prominent personalities from other disciplines, such as film, theatre, broadcasting, and the music industry. The themes, issues and comments were presented in a balanced, informative and constructive way.

At its heart, the World Television Forum took aim at a theme, which was the “roots of societal discord”. The theme was rooted in a statement made by the United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who is chairperson of the World Health Organisation. In his address, he highlighted the need to tackle problems in education, health, gender equality and corruption, while also boosting the quality of life for all. In doing so, Mr. Annan hoped that viewers could be inspired by the conference to set their sights higher, in terms of their personal ambitions and aspirations for the future.

For many people watching the World Series on television, it is extremely important to take part in this year’s World Television Day. After all, this will be the first World Series win for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1908. It will be a momentous occasion in which the team will take centre stage and take the sport to a whole new level. It will also be the first time that black and white cameras will capture this historic event. If you have an interest in what this game has to offer, the chances are that you may also want to take part in this global event.

The most important thing to note about the proposed World Television Day is that it is an initiative by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). The organisation, led by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, hopes to promote a greater awareness of the contemporary world and draw people’s attention to the needs and issues of the underprivileged around the globe. The drive is part of the latest global strategy launched by UNESCO to improve the global quality of life and contribute to the betterment of mankind. This year, the organisation is also planning to host another World Sports Festival in the middle of May, which is expected to increase its reach and popularity even further. If these things seem like too much for you, then perhaps watching the popular baseball game November is more than enough to motivate you.

The first world television day will take place on November 7 and will air exclusively on both CBS and NBC stations, in both the US and the UK. The goal is to raise funds and awareness to the cause of World Peace and Good Will. By participating in this unique event, one can also gain exposure to the more noble causes of good cuisine and the care for the less fortunate. Although the actual date has yet to be confirmed, one can expect that the event will take place not just in the US or UK, but also in all major cities around the globe. Last year’s edition of the World Series of Poker was also hosted by the same organisations and resulted in a record-setting revenue for the hotel industry. This time around the event is looking towards greater participation from other countries, and a wider distribution of funds.

To watch all the action, simply log on to the internet and check out the official website of the World Television Day. You will find all the information you need to know about this year’s event, as well as how you can help. The website promises that this year will be even bigger than last year’s edition, with over one billion dollars worth of charitable donations. With such impressive achievements behind us, it is obvious that the potential success of the World TV Day is huge, and we cannot but expect such a huge raise of funds to push this unique event into the record books. For the lucky ones amongst us, the chance to attend a World Television Day gala party will become a once in a lifetime experience, and hopefully we will see something amazing happening on the very next World Television Day.

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