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Jiggy puzzles are a gift that provides inner calm, a sense of accomplishment — and a frame-worthy end result. By submitting this form, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing text messages (e.g. cart reminders) from Puzzle Warehouse at the cell number used when signing up.

These are just some examples, but your art could be a heart, your initials, a large map, a picture of your dog or cat, or something abstract. Another really fun way to celebrate National Puzzle Day is by recycling your own puzzles and creating something new. I don’t know of any home with children that doesn’t have at least one puzzle that has been done 100 times or is missing pieces. You don’t want to donate or sell them if they are incomplete.

The imagery in jigsaw puzzles published nowadays tends to be very busy, often consisting of densely-packed collages constructed with Photoshop. But for my purposes, I favor puzzles from pre-digital years, when the picture was typically a photograph of a single subject, such as a galloping horse or a ballerina or the Empire State Building. Klein prefers to use vintage puzzles from thrift stores and garage sales, across a range of themes and subjects. “The imagery in jigsaw puzzles published nowadays tends to be very busy, often consisting of densely-packed collages constructed with Photoshop,” says Klein. Not only can you purchase a great piece of art, but you can create your own from our popular piece count of 720 pieces.

Feel free to mix things up, add some variety, and choose from our various art jigsaw puzzles for sale. I learned about the art of “puzzle montage” from one of the readers of my inbox zine, Marcia Wiley (she’s the gal in Seattle who’s fixing up that cool old Checker Cab). She was visiting the Bay Area and we met up for the first time this past Friday.

A bonus puzzle poster is also included so that you have a handy reference of what the completed puzzle should look like while you put yours together. Meet Art Puzzle, a brand new stress-relieving game by Easybrain. It’s a unique place where coloring books meet jigsaw puzzles! Relax and engage your mind with breathtaking stories coming to life. Originally from Northern Ireland, she is an artist now based in Berlin.

Thanks for the ideas and motives that can be used for us in the future. We have puzzles from different categories and will keep in mind those you mentioned to us. Made from the pieces of two small Hallmark “greeting card” puzzles from the 1980s. I made this montage by combining a Puzzlebug-brand puzzle showing a church with another one showing a carnival ride. I’ve been a bit surprised at the wide range of reactions it gets.

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